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For many years, we have been producing 30 ml Luer-Lock syringes for use in dialysis machines of one of the big players in the medical industry.

These computerized dialysers are highly complex devices featuring a number auf automatic supervision and controlling functionalities that ascertain safe and efficient treatment of patients. Via certain syringes that are dedicated for automated use, the machine injects an anticoagulant into the patient’s blood.

In order to guarantee the patients’ safety, our dialysis syringes meet the highest demands regarding static friction, dynamic friction, seal integrity and further characteristics. 


Transcoject disposes of decades of experience in producing Luer-Lock syringes for pressure infusion pumps. Therefore, we supply 50ml syringes exclusively to one of the world’s leading manufacturer of medical devices.

Intensive care requires precise dosing of infusion solutions; such precision can be achieved exclusively by using infusion pumps or syringe pumps. Precision is all the more important when administering highly effective drugs where dosage is sometimes tuned to minimum amounts such as 0,1ml per hour.

The necessary precision places high demands on the syringes utilised in the machines; otherwise, there is a risk for inadvertent bolus delivery. Our proprietary, individually developed silicone oil compound safeguards that our infusion syringes possess a low static friction and an extremely low dynamic friction, averaging about 5 N, even at the most diverse pumping rates. These values of our products are considerably below normative provisions.

In particular, we produce this syringe in a translucent orange colour which suppresses light in the wavelength of ca. 370-520 nm and thereby offers special light protection.


Heparin, an injectable anticoagulant, is used post-operatively and nowadays prophylactically.

For these uses, Transcoject annually supplies about 50 Mio. syringes type 1ml long to major pharmaceutical companies. These syringes are produced on a high performance plant and dispose of a special extended plunger that inserts into the neck of the syringe body, expelling more fluid and leaving nearly no dead space volume after drug delivery.

Thereby, the active agent is fully administered, guaranteeing high dosage security.

Particularly for high performance plants, the so-called dry offset printing process was developed. This process yields a fine scale extremely rich in contrast which allows for exact drawing up of medication.

The syringe is delivered in boxes, individually blister packaged, finally sterilized. An individual print is possible on short notice.

Ready To Fill

Our prefillable syringes made from cyclic polyolefins are an excellent alternative to glass as pharma packaging. Produced and packaged according to a patented production process, we market these syringes “ready to fill” in the volumes 1ml, 10ml, 20ml, 100ml und 200ml.

Thanks to their special properties, our prefillable syringes are ideally suited for use in connection with biotech substances, toxic medicamentation or other pharmaceutical products.

Find more details on our prefillable syringes at Pharma Packaging.


For the domain of autoinjectors, pens or double chamber syringes (e.g. for reconstitution of lyophilisates), we are currently and exclusively producing insertable cartridges and offer the customer-specific development of such products, made from either PP or COP. These Cyclic Olefin Polymers offer the great advantage of combining an outstanding gas and vapour barrier with highest optical brilliance and transparence.

Learn more on our syringe cartridges here.

Veterinary Industry

For some years, Transcoject’s single-use syringes have been produced successfully for the veterinary market.

We offer the most requested sizes 1ml, 2ml and 3ml with Luer-Lock connector and two-component plunger or O-ring seal.

These syringes can be customised, e.g. diverse colours and diverse prints, and have proved their worth for the injection and application of medication and fluids in the veterinary domain.


Cosmetically indicated treatments with collagen, hyaluronic acid or botox place particular demands on the handling, barrier properties and visual appearance of the syringes.

You will find syringes customised for this intended use in our range of products, but Transcoject will always competently deal with customers’ individual requests.

Our syringe type 1 ml Luer-Lock with a TPE plunger is the preferred variant in the cosmetics and aesthetics industry, due to its low dynamic friction. To facilitate use, we offer clip-on grip plates.

Our syringes made of COP, which are also available as prefillable syringes, offer extremely high transparency and brilliance, combined with excellent vapour barrier properties which reduce loss of liquid, making them particularly suited for use with hyaluronic acid.

All aesthetics and cosmetics articles can be made in transparent, translucently coloured or solid-coloured variations.

As a one-stop partner, we also offer filling and packaging and sterilization.

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