Jobs and Career

Working at Transcoject

To its employees, Transcoject GmbH is more than just a company. Our contributors feel something close to family ties. One of the reasons might be that our company is still family-owned and therefore geared towards long-term profitability. Innovative products in an industry that is considered to have a promising future provide the necessary planning reliability.

In this stable and dependable environment with flat hierarchies, our employees can work on their own responsibility and put their innovative capacities to good use. Constant refinement and creative thinking on the part of our employees help assure that we can remain at a leading position in our industry.

Work-Life Balance

We know that trying to find a balance between work and personal life is a major challenge. Therefore, we strive to facilitate our employees’ efforts to arrange family and job. We do this because we, too, benefit if our staff manages this. In particular, we support collaborators with children and try to find individual solutions.

Health Management

Of course, Transcoject complies with the legally obligatory safety and occupational health standards. Moreover, we strive to boost our employees’ physical and mental health and are therefore working on a corporate health management plan.

Lately, we have attached great importance to workplace improvement, with an emphasis on ergonomic measures in order to avoid poor posture, leaning to one side etc. On our annual health days, we encourage sporting activity and offer optional and voluntary medical checks and immunisations.

All throughout industrial societies, work-related stress is growing in today’s working environment. Through clear leadership and open communication, we strive to support our employees to keep up their emotional health.

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