Transcoject offers the design of medical devices, application devices and pharmaceutical packaging from step one up to the virtual final product.

When designing products, the intricacies of injection moulding are considered from the very start. However, our industrial designers make sure that the product is user-friendly and that form follows function.

Subsequently, models are designed via CAD, mouldflow-analyses are carried out and the product plus the construction for the corresponding injection moulds are digitally finalized. According to the product, we have samples manufactured via rapid tooling or rapid prototyping (stereolithography).

When printing on your product, we will resort to our experience both in design and technology in order to implement your requests.

Moreover, we dispose of vast experience regarding the design of packaging, which allows us to help you create packaging that is not only consistent with aesthetic requests, but packaging that can be produced and packed in an economically reasonable process. We also cooperate with specialized and reliable partners, in particular in the domains of sheeting and blister packaging.

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