Tool Shop and Special Engeneering

Quality products can be produced only on quality tools and moulds. That is why we venture to do everything in our power to fulfill our own standards regarding injection moulds and periphery automation and to guarantee best quality for our customers. In our in-house technics centre, our skilled personnel builds equipment from pilot moulds up to filling machines customised to customers’ needs. Such machinery, dedicated to your needs, is efficient, yet flexible.


Periodic maintenance and diligent care for our equipment is indispensable for smooth production. Having our tool shop in close proximity to the production areas ensures that all moulds, Transcoject’s own or customer property, stay finely tuned. This guarantees high availability rates and minimises the risk of breakdowns; it also allows us to make short-term modifications.

Thanks tot he modularity of our regular moulds, we dispose of an enormous flexibility.

Peripheral equipment needs periodic maintenance, too. Our specialists at the department forthe manufacture of special-purpose machinery know all regulating screws and parameters for any automation. This is valid for the equipment built in-house as well as for special machines purchased from third parties.

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