Plastic articles are transformed into fully-functional end products in this department. Whether screen printing or offset printing, siliconisation or ultrasonic welding – products are completed via manual or fully-automated systems and the quality is continuously monitored.

For some products, specific production lines are utilised, where all production stages are integrated into one machine, from injection moulding to testing and subsequent packaging. Our machine construction unit guarantees maximum flexibility and production safety by reducing our dependency on suppliers.

As a full-service provider in the field of medical technology, we have specialised in the packaging of products, realising fully-packaged sets which are intelligently designed, custom printed and ready for use.

Packaging is becoming more important for the conveyance of information, as a means of protection for products, in combating counterfeiting and as an aid in differentiation. Especially in the growing homecare market, the sensible arrangement of individual parts in application sets greatly contributes to safe and easy use.