Vision and Values


Transcoject designs and delivers customized solutions

for medical devices and pharmaceutical primary packaging

as well as filling and sterilization

in a one-stop process

and thereby makes a major contribution to the prevention, early diagnosis and therapy of diseases.



Fully aware of our responsibility, we covenant to meet the highest demands regarding quality, precision and medical benefit. Therefore, we align our actions in all areas with the relevant regulatory requirements such as laws, standards and regulations.

This is the way we can meet the expectations and demands of our products users and our direct customers.

In order to assure the aforesaid, our actions are geared to meet responsibility towards

… our customers:
We focus on attaining sustainable customer-supplier-relationships and intend to be a reliable business partner to our clients, aspiring to continuously increase our customers’ satisfaction. Thus, we rely on straightforward, honest and trusting interaction with them. The foundation for this commitment are products of highest quality as well as our reliability, flexibility and delivery dependability.

To ascertain the aforesaid, we keep abreast of the state of the art and are constantly further developing our products and processes. Through innovative approaches and high quality, we give our customers a competitive edge in their markets.

… our employees:
Being a cosmopolitan, yet a family enterprise, we appreciate the value of long-term personal relationship with our employees which is strongly influenced by our employees’ strong identification with the company. We are well aware of the fact that our employees are the keystone to our success and to the quality of our products. Therefore, we are committed to the well-being and personal development of our employees. A crucial component of this is the goal-oriented development, education and training which is aligned along both company targets and our employees’ interests. Professional expertise immediately comes to mind, but we also endeavor to convey the information needed for a comprehensive understanding of our products and their requirements as well as the corresponding methodology, in order to ascertain the requisites for best quality.

Personal integrity to us is the outstanding value that presents the foundation for a human’s well-being and thus his productive efficiency. This is why we support and expect human interaction that is based on respect, fairness and mutual understanding. We refuse to accept any shape of discrimination and disparaging behavior. We expect and encourage our employees to identify and to reveal any deficiencies in business processes and in human interaction in order to meet our expectations.

We rely on cooperative leadership that promotes individual responsibility and willingness to take risks and that is based on the faith in our employees’ abilities and experience. We strive to visibly follow our values, even in difficult situations and exhibit this desire through personal authenticity and practiced firm convictions.

We achieve these goals by consequently delegating responsibility and expecting our staff to assume such. We are confident that only the accordingly autonomous employee will be highly motivated and fully committed and thus provide high-end performance.

To reach these goals, we set aims, define processes, considerately deal with imperfect assessments and decrease room for errors, show appreciation and recognition and promote a positive social working environment.

… our suppliers:
Dealing with our suppliers means interacting in an open and trustworthy manner; endeavoring to maintain long-term commercial partnerships in order to mutually raise the added value. When selecting a supplier, the crucial items are absolute reliability regarding quality and delivery dependability as well as fair market value.

… our shareholders:
Acting as entrepreneurs and being ready to assume risks, these values of our shareholders are the basis of our family enterprise which is aligned along classic hanseatic values and aimed at sustainable growth. Conscious of this background, we owe our shareholders the continued existence and growth of the company. It is our aim to provide our shareholdes a continuous rise in value and an adequate yield.

… our environment, health and society:
We constantly strive to protect our employees, our facilities and the environment from harmful impact and to conserve natural resources. This being the backdrop, we endeavor to use energy, material and other resources as efficiently as possible.
It is our quest that our economic activity and decision-making be in line with ethic axioms which are aligned along the principles laid out in the oft he United Nations Global Compact.