Syringe Cartridges

Syringe cartridges (cylindrical syringe ampoules) made from glass are a widely spread primary packaging, in particular used for anaesthetics in the dental field, but also employed in autoinjectors and pen systems. A well-known disadvantage of this packaging material, however,  is breakage and bursting happening in the filling lines – and it is even more concerning when it happens in autoinjectors, where momentarily, extremely high pressure is exerted on the cartridge.

Syringe cartridges made from plastic eliminate these problems, provided that the plastic material and the design are optimised for the appropriate pressure stability.
Transcoject has been offering a 3ml syringe cartridge made from COP which features the needed burst resistance while offering the special properties of COP such as excellent barrier characteristics and optical quality. Where required, syringe cartridges for other volumes can be made short-term and flexibly.

In this context, Transcoject has developed a transfer device which serves to comfortably transfer the pharmaceutical solution from a bottle or vial into a syringe cartridge.

A dedicated bayonet-connector stopper in combination with a corresponding piston allows the user to draw the medicine from a vial just like he would when using a syringe and, once the piston has been removed from the bayonet connector, the syringe cartridge can easily be inserted into the autoinjector or pen. This innovation and further adapted components make the reconstitution of lyophilised pharmaceutical preparation and the transfer of the reconstituted medication into the syringe cartridge easy and safe.

We can also provide the single-use cannulas typically used in connection with syringe cartridges.

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