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Ideas, concepts, materials and technologies, processes and costs: whoever wants to be successful with innovative products must have an ability to juggle these balls. Extensive technical know-how and development experience gained over many years have allowed us to develop design-inspired and economically expedient products that meet all of our customers’ needs. Faultless functionality, optimal ergonomics and maximum safety is always incorporated.

Transcoject will accompany, assist and advise you from development of the first idea to the definition of requirements, determination of time appreciation and cost scheduling, right up to production. We will work in close dialogue throughout all stages of the development process. The tools consistently implemented are high-end CAD systems, diverse types of sample production and testing technology in conjunction with project organisation and documentation which fulfil all requirements.

However, our most valuable asset is our highly-qualified staff who consistently accomplish outstanding realisation quotas, even in the most complex development projects.

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