Standard Products or Individually Designed Devices

At Transcoject, we produce accessories and kits according to your demands – but we also dispose of a plethora of standard devices.

Transplantation Kit for Plastic Surgery

The Resitu Kit for the transplantation of own-body tissue was individually developed according to the ideas of Swedish company Novoaim.

In strict adherence to Transcoject’s claim as a one-stop company, Transcoject accomplished the transfer from a patented concept to a ready-to-market final product. Not only did we do the engineering and the generation of prototypes including their verification, we also created production tooling and processes, then designed, procured and verified specific components. Within the scope of the project, we also devised and implemented a packaging solution that was specifically adapted to the intended use. Clinical evaluation, usability testing and risk assessment were performed jointly with the customer before the approval process was successfully executed.

A typical Transcoject project: from the first drafts up to serial production - all from one source.

Application Devices and other Accessories

Application devices help the user perform complex tasks.

Amongst these application devices is the vial adapter that facilitates the handling of a Luer syringe with a medication vial. Such adapters are needed to pierce the rubber seal of a vial containing medication. Oftentimes, lyophilized proteins from biomedical manufacture are stored in these vials.  Transcoject offers perfectly adapted devices for your individual vials.

Special Grip Plates

These grip plates are clipped onto the syringe flange to enlargen the finger rest; they make the injection of highly viscose media more comfortable.

Coding Caps

These caps are available in various colours; they are attached to the plunger’s thumb plate, thus providing optical means for distinction, e.g. in laboratories.


These caps serve to close Luer Lock syringes immediately prior to use. We produce these caps in diverse colours, according to customers’ requests.

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