Project Execution

After the kick-off meeting, Transcoject sets up a highly motivated, interdisciplinary team. Jointly with our customer, we come up with first ideas, drafts and designs.

Following up, we compile a project plan (including Quality-Cost-Time targets) and define requirements and specifications.

We work step by step, work package by work package – from the conceptual design of the product and the processes via rapid prototyping and the production of injection-moulded samples from pilot tools all the way up to the validation of the packaging process for the finished article.

We make a point of aiding our customers in the area of material selection, consulting in this area or deciding on just the right material jointly.

To us, total product realisation means that we will create or acquire the machinery, tooling and stable production processes necessary for serial production. It also includes choosing and implementing appropriate modern test and inspection methods to assure the final article is fully functional (proof of product functionality). All production equipment and processes undergo complete qualification respectively validation.

Our competent and highly qualified employees work most professionally, respecting the applicable norms and regulations. Detailed documentation –also regarding the development phase and the design history– is a matter of course.

Contact R&D

Dr. Heinz

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