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Until a couple of years ago, there was just glass when looking for reliable packaging for parenteral drugs. Today we have a convin­cing alternative: crystal-clear cyclic polyolefins which not only show a fascinating portfolio of properties such as transparency, barriers, temperature-stability combined with a wide drug-com­patibility, but also offer clear advantages in comparison to glass. Thus, Transcoject is already utilising the possibility of moulding complex geometries and the resistance to breakage of these polymers to produce large-volume pre-fillable syringes which withstand extreme pressure.

The advantages of these polyolefins, particularly the drug compatibility, in conjunction with a lot of functional know-how are needed to produce a highly precise syringe which performs perfectly. However, in order to be really successful, these products need to be delivered ready to fill which allows a safe and simple processing at the customer’s site. Hence, Transcoject has developed its own patented technology enabling us to produce such products quasi sterile, free of pyrogens and extremely clean. This way the efforts for filling are minimi­zed; the outstanding cosmetic quality which meets the requirements of even the most sensitive markets reduces rejections in the final inspection. Also, the whole production and documentation lines up with cGMP requirements and our intensively trained personnel are well aware of the special responsibility arising from this kind of product.

Based on the long-term experience and the proven technology, we work on a new modular concept for hand­held syringes. This is based on the convenience of so called ‘nested containers’ but at the same time consequently uses the possibilities of polymers to realise new functionalities. Our specialty is to respond to the specific needs of our customers. This means: customised products without the typical risks, costs and timelines of customising come into reach.

So not only do we open new possibilities for biotech and toxic drugs, but also make it easier to keep products attractive by making good lifecycle management easier. Whatever the future will bring, with cutting edge technology and efficient products, Transcoject will support its customers in being successful.

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