Our philosophy: first-class quality and continuous development .
Dr. Christian von Falkenhausen
Managing Director, Transcoject GmbH


Transcoject - What drives us

Products with the highest quality standards are essential where technology comes into close contact with people, as it does in the medical field. Transcoject has developed custom solutions for plastic medical products and pharma­ceutical primary packaging for over 50 years with the responsibility for the welfare of the patient and in the awareness that our efforts contribute substantially towards the prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases.

The reliability and quality of products that meet our customers’ specifications are our daily challenge. Therefore, we align our production with the relevant regulatory requirements, such as laws, standards and regulations, and work constantly on the further development to refine our processes in order to always be able to deliver the best possible quality.

We are convinced that the best quality for the end product can be ascertained when the know-how and the entire production process is concentrated in one company. We are therefore in the position as one of few companies worldwide, to offer our customers one stop: design, moulding, filling, packaging, sterilization.

We can trust our employees to implement this high quality standard. As a cosmopolitan family company, we appreciate the value of the long-term personal relationship with our employees, which is characterised by a strong identification with the company and its products. Our employees are the cornerstone of our success and of the quality of our products.