Three Pillars

Our company's success is based on three pillars:



Medical Devices

At the heart of our product range are medical devices and other plastic articles which we manufacture via precision injection moulding, print and assemble in-house.

This is done exclusively in clean rooms that are classified according to applicable regulatory requirements, including DIN EN ISO 13485, DIN EN ISO 14644 and EG-GMP standards. Of course, validations will also be carried out according to these requirements.

As a leading manufacturer of disposable syringes and customer-specific application systems for the medical and dental fields, we exclusively use top-quality raw materials and components which are sourced from eminent international manufacturers and suppliers.



A logical, albeit not a common step for a manufacturer of medical devices and pharmaceutical primary packaging is to also provide the filling of these products. 

Hence, we develop custom containers for auto-sterile solutions, design and construct an appropriate filling station and fill on site. The filling medium is provided by the customer or can be formulated in our adjacent laboratory.

In the aseptic filling sector, the best quality, utmost safety and flexibility in order to meet diverse customer requirements are also a matter of course.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Until a couple of years ago, there was just glass when looking for reliable packaging for parenteral drugs. Today we have a convincing alternative: crystal-clear cyclic polyolefins which not only show a fascinating portfolio of properties such as transparency, barriers, temperature stability combined with a wide drug-compatibility, but also offer clear advantages in comparison to glass.

However, these packages are really successful only because we supply them “ready to fill” and therefore safe and easy to handle for the pharmaceutical company doing the filling. In order to be able to supply the syringes ready to fill, Transcoject developed a patented technology which permits us to produce syringes that are virtually sterile, pyrogen-free and extremely clean.