Injection Moulding

Best Know-How in Injection Moulding

Plastic articles, which we manufacture via precision injection moulding, are the core of our product range. This is done exclusively in clean rooms that are classified according to applicable regulatory requirements, including DIN EN ISO 13485, DIN EN ISO 14644 and EG-GMP standards. Of course, validations will also be carried out according to these requirements.

Due to the diversity of our machinery and the qualification of our employees, both small series as well as larger campaigns up to 50 million pieces per year can be produced without compromising on the quality in a three-shift system. This is verified by the implementation of constant monitoring and continual quality checks.

Our qualified, experienced and trained employees are our most valuable asset for the production of reliable disposable syringes and other medical devices. Reliability is guaranteed through expert manufacture and regular periodic in-process controls.

Our machinery comprises hydraulic as well as fully electric injection-moulding machines with clamping forces of up to 2.500 kN; some of these machines are constructed for two-component injection moulding.

As a leading manufacturer of disposable syringes and customer-specific application systems for the medical and dental fields, we exclusively utilise top quality raw materials and components sourced from eminent international manufacturers and suppliers. This enables us to guarantee the optimal application safety of all products. It also remains a focus in our ongoing development: patient safety is paramount to the development and realisation of product innovations.