In our strictly regulated industry, first-class and reliable raw materials are a precondition for sustainable success. The materials must at any time comply with regulatory requirements.

We constantly strive to use only the best available material for the individual product and we are always looking for that new material with special characteristics. We also offer material testing with regard to specifics demanded by our customers.

Even in the field of well-tried polymers such as polyethylene and polypropylene, choosing the right material is important. By adding colour and master batches or other additives, certain features of the materials may be modified, e.g. UV protection or gliding/friction properties.

When looking for reliable packaging for parenteral drugs, crystal-clear cyclic polyolefins are our material of choice. They provide a fascinating portfolio of properties such as transparency, barriers, temperature-stability combined with a wide drug-compatibility. Transcoject has already utilising the possibility of moulding complex geometries and the resistance to breakage of these polymers to produce pre-fillable syringes which withstand extreme pressure.

We use select thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) for the production of two-component injection-moulded parts and as individual sealing elements. Depending on the surrounding economic conditions, this sometimes creates economic leeway for small series.

By using special silicone oils and compounds, we have been able to obtain optimum dynamic friction values in our syringes. We have also developed proprietary specialty oil compounds whose properties are adapted specifically to the requirements of our clients’ products.

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