Production Technology and Processes

Our machinery inside class D cleanrooms (100.000) includes regular injection-moulding machines as well as two-component injection-moulding machines and automated subsequent processing equipment.

For our 1ml syringes, for example, we dispose of a high performance production line that is laid out for a capacity of 200 million pieces annually. Constant automated optical inspection ensures the highest possible quality of each individual article.

Nonetheless, we always offer to have a product printed or packaged according to our customers’ individual requests.


Here at Transcoject, most products are made-to-order according to the requests of our clients. In order to achieve production readiness as soon as possible, we can resort to our huge repertoire of finished syringes and devices. Another strength is our ability to react to your requests flexibly and when necessary, to manually assemble small batch runs.

In any case, the precision and consistency of the articles manufactured here are the consequence of meticulously designed and reproducible processes, controlled and supervised by highly qualified personnel that is constantly aware of its responsibility. 

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