Disposable Syringes

Single-Use Syringes

Our standard assortment of disposable syringes comprises in particular the following products. Thoroughly executed inspections according to the applicable norms and guidelines regarding e.g. seal integrity, amount of silicone oil and – for some products – dynamic friction, are a matter of course. We are constantly focused on following the most recent findings from state-of-the-art science and technology.

2-Part Disposable Syringes

We produce these classic syringes in volumes from 2cc to 30cc.

3-part disposable syringes


These syringes, volumes from 1cc to 50cc, are equipped with polyisoprene stoppers or O-rings made from Nitrile Butadiene Rubber or High-Polymer Vinyl Methyl Polysiloxanes (VMQ silicone rubbers).

Our 1cc syringes dispose of a special extended plunger that inserts into the neck of the syringe body, expelling more fluid and leaving nearly no dead space volume after drug delivery.

Thereby, the active agent is fully administered, guaranteeing high dosage security.

We have set it up featuring a fine scale extremely rich in contrast which allows for exact drawing up of medication.

You can find further information at Fields of Application / Heparin.


Disposable Syringes with 2-Component Plunger

These syringes are characterised by a TPE stopper moulded directly onto the plunger rod. This technology ensures minimum dynamic friction during operation of the syringe. 

Specialty Syringes

We also produce special products such as double syringe systems and have excelled in the areas of dynamic friction and easy handling.

Wide Range of Variations

We have a variety of different versions of syringes on offer for you:

  • Luer- or Luer-Lock-connection
  • Diverse cylinder and plunger colours
  • Grip-plate design
  • User-specific scales according to customer request
  • Customised design of cylinder, label, box

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