Process Design

We have designed both our filling concept and line very variable to permit us to adapt to customers’ needs and requests.

This starts with raw materials: the customer determines specifications and Transcoject uses the raw materials to prepare the solution and fill it into to the agreed containers.

When necessary, Transcoject will develop and validate a specific filling process, tailored to the properties of the medium. Designing the process means identifying (and defining) the ideal filling parameters, such as stirring time and choice of filters.

Thanks to our vast flexibility, we produce varying batch sizes, from the small series up to larger batches of up to 200 litres, in manual or semi-automatic filling. Working on 2 shifts, we plan and perform production campaigns ideally suited to your article.

As regards the containers to be filled, we are just as flexible: almost anything goes, from small syringes or vials up to syringes of 50ml volume. 

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