Syringes and Cartridges

Syringes up to 20ml

For diverse fields of application, Transcoject has developed small-volume syringes (1ml up to 20ml) made of COP that serve as primary packaging for parenteral drugs and is producing these, having a major output for some variations.

All variations are delivered in standard nest and standard tub, EO-sterilized and thus „ready to fill“; this makes them compatible with most established filling lines. According to the customer’s desires and individual needs, the syringe design may be adapted, for example the shape of the grip plate. These syringes are producible both as Luer or as Luer-Lock. Furthermore, customised sterile packaging and single-use feeding systems for filling lines can be implemented.

Cartridges 50ml - 250ml

Suited in particular for the application of contrast media, Transcoject has developed large-volume syringes respectively cartridges (50ml up to 250ml) made of COP and produces these through a dedicated manufacturing technology which guarantees virtually particle-free products.

These products are delivered either nested and in tub (50ml) or in a special carrier system, EO‑sterilized and ready to fill. These transport packagings warrant safe transportation and a product with a scratch-free surface.

The products were designed specifically for the application of high pressure (up to 300psi) to assure secure use in injection machines.

Closure Systems - Tamper Evidence Closures and more


Transcoject disposes of diverse variations of tamper-evident closures which may be selected – and adapted – according to the intended use and specific demands. For example, by creating an individual colour design of the cap (or other non-fluid-path components), it is easy to achieve a simple, yet efficient product differentiation.

Silicone Systems

Static friction and dynamic friction are crucial indicators both for manual use of a syringe and for the use in injection machines. By developing dedicated silicone systems which may be adapted to individual constraints, we have succeeded in realizing extremely low and constant friction values.


In addition to friction forces, sealing integrity, in particular after autoclaving, is the major parameter. Our years of experience with regard to plunger design and close cooperation with our partners and suppliers guarantees a meticulous calibration of materials, silicone system and the design of syringe, plunger and tip cap respectively tamper-evident closure.

Raw materials

Besides distinctly improved burst and breaking properties of the syringes and cartridges, the COP type used by Transcoject also features an exceptional gas and vapour barrier, all the while maintaining highest optical brilliance and transparency. The glass-like transparency of the material facilitates visual inspection of syringes and cartridges after filling on the filling lines.

The choice of the plunger material depends upon the intended use and will be arranged jointly with the customer. Transcoject‘s COP syringes and cartridges are compatible with current pharmaceutical rubber formulations of leading manufacturers – also with those made for glass pre-filled syringes.

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