Contract Sterilization

Transcoject has been a reliable partner in the ethylene oxide sterilization of thermo-sensitive products for the medical and pharmaceutical industries for more than 40 years. For the past decade, we have sterilized using a dual-chamber system, each with a volume of 33 m.

Being certified according to ISO 11135-1, we do not just run standard cycles, we also develop special cycles customized according to the properties of the product and the client’s needs.

Our experienced team of experts advises and assists our customers through the individually designed sterilization cycle from validationright up to product sterilization. This also includes the microbiological testing in our in-house laboratories, including bio-burden, proof of successful sterilization through sterility testing on bio-indicators and residual gas analysis.

As regards logistics, we also like to take on challenges. Once an arrangement is in place, receipt of delivery to our premises may be possible day and night, also on week-ends. We offer 24/7 Service, commencing sterilization cycles in the middle of night if necessary. We use cutting-edge bioindicators so that – depending upon the articles’ degassing characteristics – a product release may be possible at earliest two days after sterilization

We remain at your disposal with our wide range of individual services, from concept development to market launch as a full-service partner in the EtO sterilization

When desired, we can arrange radiation sterilization with external partners. 

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